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Meehanite Technology Ltd

Meehanite Technology is a franchising company in consulting of metal castings technology and environmental engineering. Meehanite Technology is the coordinator of the Odorless Casting project.

Meehanite Technology has experienced personnel for this particular field of research and emission abatement technology and the persons have been working as a coordinator in two other Life projects before. The persons have also participated in other EU funded research and development projects in recent years.


AX-LVI Consulting Ltd

AX Consulting was formed in 1993 and consists of four independent companies, working in close co-operation. Three of these companies, AX-LVI Consulting Ltd, AX-Process Ltd and Axovaatio Ltd, are responsible for our main line of business, i.e. technical design and consulting. The fourth company, AX-Konsultit Ltd, is responsible for shared development projects, marketing and office facilities.

The Environmental Unit of AX Consulting is specialised in air pollution control design, measurement services (industrial processes, industrial hygiene, boiler, noise and HPAC), energy analyses, safety studies, risk analyses and life cycle assessment. In Finland, AX Consulting is having the largest experience in this area, in reduction projects dealing with emission measurements, emission surveys, proves and mass balance calculations, optimisation of emission processes, feasibility studies of reduction possibilities. AX Consulting has been involved in two Life projects earlier, namely VOCless Pulping (LIFE06 ENV/FI/201) and VOCless Pulping Waste Waters (LIFE10 ENV/FI/568). AX Consulting is a partner in this project and is responsible for carrying out the odour balance measurements in Finnish pilot foundries and the cleaning efficiency measurements of the tested abatement techniques.

Institute für Giessereitechnik gGmbH

The Institute of Casting Technology (Institut für Gießereitechnik, IfG) was established in 1954 by the foundry industry as a joint laboratory facility and research establishment. Then as now, IfG´s aim was to serve the foundry industry as a partner and to provide companies with valuable technology consulting and development support while ensuring that such expertise would find its way speedily unto real-life production environments.

The IfG is carrying out applied research and development for German and international foundry industry on materials, process technology and environmental control. The research is funded (national and international) and also free financed. The scope of IfG ranges from casting technology issues in process and material engineering and environmental control and labour safety. IfG is a partner in this project and they are responsible for ignition pilot test design and implementation as well as carrying out odour balance measurements in pilot foundries.


Swerea SWECAST is a R&D and educational institute of the casting industry. Its expertise covers casting design and simulation, process development, material, production, energy and environmental issues. SWECAST (SFA) is the R&D and educational institute of the Swedish casting industry. SFA conducts extensive R&D- and consulting activities covering nearly all fields of the foundry technology, e.g. casting design and simulation, process development, material-, production-, energy- and environmental issues.

Swerea SWECAST and Jönköping Technical University (JTH) maintain a close cooperation, and SFA is also operating the Scandinavian Foundry School for occupational training of foundry workers. Together, SFA and JTH constitute the largest single group of researchers in Europe working with foundry technology. Swerea SWECAST is the partner in this project and is responsible for odour emission balance measurements in pilot foundries in Sweden.

REINLUFT Umwelttechnik Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Reinluft provides efficient, environmentally friendly and highly flexible systems to clean strongly polluted waste air currents from industrial and biological processes and offers competent advice and comprehensive experience in the area of waste gas cleaning. The company manufactures a high performance biofilter for cleaning of waste air which works on a modular base. Over the last years REINLUFT took part in the Phare Twinning Project HU2001/IB/EN/04 on implementation of the IPPC Directive in Hungary. Another Twinning Project was implemented in Bulgaria; dealing with strengthening of the Bulgarian industry with view to the implementation of the environmental acquis. In this type of projects REINLUFT usually works together with the Hessian Ministry of the Environment and the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA).

REINLUFT was also a partner in VOCless Pulping Life -project (LIFE06 ENV/FI/000201) in 2006-2009. In this Life project REINLUFT is a partner and responsible for design and implementation of biofilter pilot tests in Germany.

Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH

CTP (Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH) is one of the world's leading companies in air pollution control for industrial applications where CTP has been developing innovative technologies. CTP was founded in 1985 and since then CTP produces efficient and cost-effective systems for the removal of: VOCs, nitrogen oxides, PCDD/F, odours, organic particulate matter in all industrial sectors.

CTP systems remove contaminants in well-regulated processes according to eitherhotchemical orcoldphysical principles. The contaminantsmolecules will be caught in CTPs systems which develop around the honeycomb structure, in the form of heat exchangers, adsorbers or catalysts. The honeycomb ensures maximum efficiency and minimal operating costs. More than 15 patents prove that technical advantage is the future.

CTP is a partner in this project and is responsible for design and implementation of the regenerative catalytic and thermal oxidation and concentrator + RTO pilot tests.

Nederman Filtration GmbH


Nederman Filtration is a leading supplier of Dust Control and Air Pollution Control solutions for a wide range of industries all over the world. Our experience and know-how is backed worldwide by more than 35,000 installed systems for keeping air clean.

Since 1978 BMD-Garant sales filter solutions into the into the foundry industry. From 1986 until 2005 BMD-Garant belonged to the Danish Company DISA, a specialist for foundry systems and equipment.

Nederman is a partner in the Life Odourless Casting project and is responsible for design and implementation of an adsorption pilot plant and analysing the test results.